Panic Device

Panic Device

Panic Device

Accidents are imminent. Daily cases of fire outbreak, heat, and smoke seem to be some common accidental occurrences in commercial buildings. Such dangerous experiences put the lives of many at the crossroad of life and death. Particularly in the process where everyone wants to save their precious lives all at the same time. With the prevalence of these life-threatening incidents on daily basis mostly in commercial buildings such as hotels, shopping malls, hospitals, and other multipurpose buildings, it is imperative to seek and acquire panic devices for your door.

Panic Device is the Way Out!

A panic device otherwise called exit device are a door component that is designed to ease escape from buildings in the event of life-threatening occurrences. A panic device is fabricated in various forms and shapes to fit perfectly into different kinds of a door; be it in a residential or commercial building. In the events of such, the difference between death and life may be the ability to escape as fast as possible. Sure you are intrigued to know more about what such life-saving devices look like and possibly how they work. Read on to learn more about panic devices especially as there are no special skills required to use them.

Types of Panic Device

  • Vertical Rod Panic Device: The vertical rod panic device is designed to be controlled by the door’s latch. The vertical rod exit device is usually mounted vertically either on the surface of the door or concealed within the door.
  • Mortise Panic Device: With the mortise exit or panic device, its locking mechanism is mortised within a cavity in the door frame, and with this pattern or fixing of the panic device, the opening force on the door comes from the edge of the door. Also, the strike plate for the mortise panic device is mounted on the frame of the door while for double doors, a mullion is used.
  • Rim Panic Device: The rim exit or panic devices are usually mounted on the surface of the door’s exterior, while the strike plate which produces the opening force to the door is mounted on the frame of the door. For the double door, a mullion is used.

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However, there is One More Thing!

However, while the panic device is designed and intended to save lives, in some cases, it has been found to cause various degrees of injuries. With our professional experience in the installation and maintenance of the panic device, we have discovered the primary causes of damage to a panic device. They include:

  • Improper/inexperienced installation
  • Poor maintenance
  • Inappropriate placement of secondary locks.

PhoenixLocksmith24 Have the Answer. We are sure you found the panic device to be a must-have in your building.  Are you confused and not knowing which type of panic device will fit your door and do the job correctly? That’s not a problem we can certainly help you. Our expertise in locksmith services straddles both commercial and residential buildings. We’ve got you covered. Contact us ASAP, and we’ll be at your property within the shortest time to get your panic device installed and maintained professionally.