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Locksmith Phoenix

Professional Locksmith or DIY

When you come across any problem that requires a locksmith, you think twice about whether to call a professional locksmith or to DIY. DIY means to do it yourself. So, in such a case, you might think that you’ll be able to do the job yourself! However, not every problem is minor that can be easily solved by you.

Sometimes, when you start exploring the problem yourself, you tend to exaggerate the problem. It ultimately costs you a lot of money. However, there are a few locksmith related problems that you can solve yourself. But, it’s always better to remain on the safe side, give yourself some rest, and call a professional locksmith.

Let’s have a look at a few of the things that are possessed by professional locksmiths and you can’t match them:

  • Wide variety of services being offered

So, professional locksmiths are renowned for providing several services. Now, you could be good in one area. But, a professional and competent locksmith could perform a variety of jobs. They will take care of your car locking system, plus they will also take care of your home locking system. They can install new locks and they can repair the locks as well! So, it is better to call a professional locksmith and let them handle the work!

  • Trained professionals

Locksmiths that work in big companies are very much trained and highly skilled. So, they can’t go wrong in any case. They will look into the root of the problem and will come up with accurate solutions without wasting any time. Also, they are quick, professional and they understand the technicalities of the job. Hence, they will offer the best solution rather than keeping the intention of only filling their own pockets!

  • High-quality equipment

Trained and professional locksmiths always carry excellent and top-notch equipment. You can’t have all this equipment as you are not a professional locksmith. So, it is recommended that you refrain from bringing your own solutions. The extensive range of equipment is obviously expensive. Therefore, a good and reputable locksmith company can afford to keep it and not an individual like you!

  • Quality Service

A professional and highly expert team of locksmiths will never disappoint you with their amazing service. They will go to any extent in order to help you out. Even when you are stuck in an emergency situation, they will reach you right at the spot. The professional locksmith companies work day and night just to ensure that you don’t have to face any trouble. Such a service can never be experienced if you do something yourself.

  • Customer Service

Customer service is the key advantage that we get if we get in touch with a professional locksmith company. Even when your job is done and you are not satisfied, you can ask the locksmith to bring a few changes. A competent locksmith company will do anything to satisfy you!


We hope that now you know what to do in an emergency case! Always understand the sensitivity of the situation and then make a decision.

Panic Device

Panic Bar

Panic Device

Accidents are imminent. Daily cases of fire outbreak, heat, and smoke seem to be some common accidental occurrences in commercial buildings. Such dangerous experiences put the lives of many at the crossroad of life and death. Particularly in the process where everyone wants to save their precious lives all at the same time. With the prevalence of these life-threatening incidents on daily basis mostly in commercial buildings such as hotels, shopping malls, hospitals, and other multipurpose buildings, it is imperative to seek and acquire panic devices for your door.

Panic Device is the Way Out!

A panic device otherwise called exit device are a door component that is designed to ease escape from buildings in the event of life-threatening occurrences. A panic device is fabricated in various forms and shapes to fit perfectly into different kinds of a door; be it in a residential or commercial building. In the events of such, the difference between death and life may be the ability to escape as fast as possible. Sure you are intrigued to know more about what such life-saving devices look like and possibly how they work. Read on to learn more about panic devices especially as there are no special skills required to use them.

Types of Panic Device

  • Vertical Rod Panic Device: The vertical rod panic device is designed to be controlled by the door’s latch. The vertical rod exit device is usually mounted vertically either on the surface of the door or concealed within the door.
  • Mortise Panic Device: With the mortise exit or panic device, its locking mechanism is mortised within a cavity in the door frame, and with this pattern or fixing of the panic device, the opening force on the door comes from the edge of the door. Also, the strike plate for the mortise panic device is mounted on the frame of the door while for double doors, a mullion is used.
  • Rim Panic Device: The rim exit or panic devices are usually mounted on the surface of the door’s exterior, while the strike plate which produces the opening force to the door is mounted on the frame of the door. For the double door, a mullion is used.

 Panic Bar

However, there is One More Thing!

However, while the panic device is designed and intended to save lives, in some cases, it has been found to cause various degrees of injuries. With our professional experience in the installation and maintenance of the panic device, we have discovered the primary causes of damage to a panic device. They include:

  • Improper/inexperienced installation
  • Poor maintenance
  • Inappropriate placement of secondary locks.

PhoenixLocksmith24 Have the Answer. We are sure you found the panic device to be a must-have in your building.  Are you confused and not knowing which type of panic device will fit your door and do the job correctly? That’s not a problem we can certainly help you. Our expertise in locksmith services straddles both commercial and residential buildings. We’ve got you covered. Contact us ASAP, and we’ll be at your property within the shortest time to get your panic device installed and maintained professionally.

What is Keyway? And Keyways Types

Keyway Types

Keyway – What is it? And what are the different keyways types?

Simply put, a keyway is a slot in a lock for receiving and guiding the key. Of course, with each specially designed keyway made to make a lock even more secure, the definition gets more complicated with plenty of options. When making a duplicate key for your lock, it is important to understand what type of keyway you have in order to determine whether or not your duplicate key is able to be cut and to ensure you have the right type.

Shape of Key

The shapes vary, but you can generally figure out what type of key you need just by looking at the top of the key, called the head or base. This is the part of the mechanically cut key that you hold in your fingers when trying to lock or unlock a door. Kwikset keys are typically more rounded and have between one to three-hole openings on the head. Schlage keys are usually a bit rougher at the top with a block or edgy look to them.


Sometimes, the key will have an engraving on the head. Inside the engravings is a code containing letters and/or number combinations, such as KW1, KW10, 5, 6, 66, 65, and so on. Schlage key types usually have a code such as SC1, 68, or C.



Place the key down flat with the head on top and the tip on the left. Flip the key over, and look at the correct side of the key. A Kwikset key will have two grooves or indentations. A Schlage key will have only one groove or indentation. Some keys have grooves that look similar, but the grooves alone don’t mean that the keys are compatible with the keyway.


Some keys may appear to be interchangeable with another, but over time will wear down the lock if you keep using them on the wrong keyway. For instance, Weiser keys usually contain engravings such as WR5 or WR3 and can be duplicated using the Kwikset key type. However, Kwikset keys cannot be used in a Weiser lock.

There are different ways to determine which type of keyway is the one that you need most.  When in doubt, seek the advice of a professional. A skilled and trained locksmith will be able to take one look at your key and tell you what type of keyway you have and be able to recommend which are the best keyways for your needs. Let Phoenix Locksmith 24 help you with your keyways and keyways types.

amitaic Keys, Keyway

Rekeying vs Locks Change


Rekeying Vs Locks Change

Rekeying vs Locks Change

It is said that locks control the keys to our kingdom. That kingdom can be your business, your home, your storage unit, your car, or a computer server room. Locks are placed on a door to protect the contents of that room. If anyone has the keys to access the lock, then your security to that room has been compromised. It is not unusual to have keys lost or to have keys assigned to employees that no longer work for a company. When this happens, you should consider either rekeying your locks or install new ones.


Rekeying LocksRekeying is the process of changing the inside cylinder parts so that existing keys will no longer be able to open the lock. This process allows you to regain control over the security of a room and its contents. A room can be left open while the cylinder is removed for the rekeying. The process of rekeying should take only a few minutes to complete. A new key will be created to match the newly rekeyed lock. Once a lock has been rekeyed, you should safeguard who is given a copy of that key. Only good condition locks can be rekeyed.

Rekey Locks is a cheaper alternative to buying new locks because you will be reusing the existing door lock. Rekeying only changes the interior cylinder of the lock. Rekeying requires special hardware since you are modifying the internal cylinder. A professional locksmith will be able to rekey a lock for you. They will also be able to make multiple copies of the new key. Locksmiths have specialized equipment in vehicles that can be used at your site to rekey the lock and make a new key.

Locks Change

Locks Change
Buying new locks is an alternative to rekeying to improve your security. Anybody can remove and install new locks on a door. Usually, you only need a screwdriver to remove the old one and install the new one. The only cost involved in installing new locks is the cost of the new door lock and the time it takes to have them installed. Unlike rekeying, installing new ones does not require any special equipment.

The disadvantage of buying new locks is that you can install a new one that might be different or smaller than the original locks. If your door has been painted around the existing one and your new one is smaller, there will be an unpainted area showing. Locks are graded, and higher grades are more difficult to break into. If you buy new locks, you may be replacing a higher grade with a lower grade thus making your room more vulnerable to break-ins.

If you are not handy at doing repair or not have the time to do it, changing the locks may not be a viable option for you. A professional locksmith can install the new one for you. Rekeying is usually much cheaper than buying new locks. If you have a property that frequently changes occupancy, then you should consider rekeying instead of changing the locks. Rekeying allows you to have one changed to match another so that a single key can be used in both.


Rekeying a lock has its advantages over buying new locks. It is usually cheaper and quicker to rekey a lock than it is to buy and install a new lock. So if you want to improve the security of your property and your locks are in good condition rekey winning almost all the points. Regardless of which option you choose, a locksmith can help you.

Phoenix Arizona

Phoenix AZ

Phoenix Arizona

Located in south-central Arizona, Phoenix is named after a mythical bird who is said to have risen up out of the ashes of despair to live stronger than before. The rising of Phoenix AZ began in 1867 when a man by the name of Jack Swilling of Wickenburg stopped on his journey to rest. He looked around at the desert land that had taken the lives of many who had come to settle there before and thought that all it would take is some water to make this land livable and able to farm. It is what happened next that set the foundation for the land to thrive and become inhabitable. He organized the Swilling Irrigation Canal Company to bring water to this barren land. Just one year later, crops began to pop up from the soil, so he built a mill. This was the start of a small town just a few miles east of the town that would later be named Phoenix was born.

Phoenix AZ Today

Today, Phoenix AZ is a thriving and rapidly growing metropolis. Phoenix is the 6th largest city in the United States and is the most populous capital city. Those who live in Phoenix AZ know that it is the capital of the state of Arizona. It is a popular place to visit and make your home if you like it sunny and warm year-round. Phoenix is the anchor of a multi-city metro area called the Valley of the Sun. With record highs of 122 degrees Fahrenheit, Phoenix remains desert like in its heat and dry. Many people with allergies enjoy this environment as they find relief. Even though it is hot, it isn’t always record-breaking heat temperatures, so many enjoy the ability to continue outdoor activities year-round. Even though it is desert-like, the city is situated near two rivers – Gila and Salt River and near mountain regions.

The warm climate makes it ideal to visit site year-round, such as:

  • The Phoenix Zoo, which is the biggest private-owned, non-profit zoo in America
  • The Phoenix Botanical Gardens
  • South Mountain Park, which is the largest municipal park in America and is the highest desert mountain preserve in the world.
  • Japanese Friendship Garden
  • Historic Heritage Square
  • Phoenix Mountains Park
  • Pueblo Grande Museum
  • Tovrea and Mystery Castle
  • Camelback Mountain
  • Hole in the Rock
  • St. Mary’s Basilica
  • Taliesin West
  • Wrigley Mansion

Phoenix Arizona is known for its luxurious spa resorts, Desert botanical garden that shows off cacti among other plants that grow in the region, golf courses that were designed by Jack Nicklaus, as well as colleges, universities, and popular hot-spot attractions.

Phoenix Arizona

Some of the top attractions in Arizona include:

  • The Grand Canyon
  • Lake Havasu
  • Meteor Crater
  • The Painted Desert
  • The Petrified Forest
  • Tombstone
  • Kartchner Caverns
  • Sedona
  • Lowell Observatory
  • Lost Dutchman State Park
  • Montezuma’s Castle and Well
  • Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument

Valley of the Sun

Phoenix Arizona neighborhoods are broken down into several sections of downtown, south mountain, desert ridge, Ahwatukee, North Mouth, Norterra, Desert West Park, Camelback East, and El Capri. Locals enjoy basketball with the Phoenix Suns, baseball with the Arizona Diamondbacks, and even have a hockey team, the Phoenix Roadrunners. It is a hot spot for foodies and delicious cuisines that go far beyond Tex-Mex. While many move the warm, dry environment to retire, the median age of the city is just around 33 years of age, so the city is vibrantly young with enthusiastic hope of even more progress towards a rich future. Learning is highly esteemed, with the University of Phoenix being one of the most well-known higher learning facilities. Phoenix is also the home to a Mayo Clinic location.

This article was written by Phoenix Locksmith 24 team. Phoenix Locksmith 24 is a primer locksmith service provider in Phoenix Arizona.

Phoenix Local Locksmith

Phoenix Local Locksmith

Local Locksmith Phoenix

Keeping it local is not only a great way to grow a local community but is the smartest idea when it comes to hiring a locksmith. Phoenix Local locksmith companies provide peace of mind, quick response times, and cost savings as opposed to national locksmith companies. They realize that your safety is often at stake during an emergency lock or key situation, and they are concerned with building a future customer relationship with you long after your emergency is over.

The Difference Between National and Local Locksmiths

The difference, quite honestly, often comes down to your safety. Though, there is more at stake as well. Some national locksmiths advertise locally, even using a local area code and phone number, to trick you into thinking that they are local when they are not. What ends up happening is that when you call, your call is sent to a national call center which redirects your call to send out any available help within a large radius from where you are located – This means that a locksmith who is only a few minutes away from you may be dispatched if you are lucky. Otherwise, they may pull from miles away, making you wait. If you are stranded in a bad part of town or are in a rush to get to work or an important appointment, you need help fast and cannot afford to wait.

A Phoenix local locksmith, who is truly local, on the other hand, is ready to take your call and immediately send out fully equipped technicians who are able to show up at your location in less than 30 minutes, with the right tools to get you back to safety, and will not overcharge you for the services.

Phoenix Local Locksmiths

Safety First!

When you find yourself locked out of your car, or the key broke off inside the ignition, or you can’t get into your office or home, these scenarios never seem to happen at a convenient time and often are at a frightening time of night or have left you in a scary part of town. Phoenix Local Locksmith technicians not only know how to help you with your lock or key disaster, but they also know the area and are ready to come to you to get the job done quickly and get it done right the first time so you are back to safety in a matter of minutes.

Local Locksmith Companies Make it a Priority to Build Trust

As if showing up to help in an emergency wasn’t enough, local professionals care about developing a working relationship with their local clients. So, we show up in a hurry to help you out of an urgent situation and complete the work well. We work to build a trusting relationship with all of our Phoenix local locksmith clients so that you call us with your every locksmith need.

When a locksmith relies on the business of customers located in the area, the Phoenix local locksmith company is more likely to provide services you want to tell your friends about. They care about building a trusting client relationship because they aren’t going anywhere. They are sticking around the local area to service people like you for years to come, not just to perform a job and move on to the next available subcontractor.


Rest easy and know the importance of having a Phoenix local locksmith nearby for all of your lock, key, and security system needs, Even if it’s not an emergency, knowing that a professional locksmith is close by and on the way means that your wait time is cut by seconds, minutes, and even hours or days. Get keys duplicated, locks rekeyed or changed, have a safe, keyless entry or security system installed, get inside your home, office, car, or get your trunk opened without any damage to your locks, in a matter of minutes not days.


Because local locksmith technicians care about building a trusting customer relationship, they also tend to keep their prices affordable. It will not behoove these local companies to charge outrageous prices, and they would never want to take advantage of you in your time of need.

Know Before You Need Emergency Help

Start comparing Phoenix local locksmith companies now, before you are in an emergency situation where panic takes over reason. Keep the number of the trusted locksmith service in your area which best meets your needs before you find yourself in an emergency. When an emergency lock and key need arises, you will know who to call. Call the nearby locksmith you trust.  

Phoenix Locksmith 24 technicians will show up in 30 minutes or less to help without charging you a fortune or wasting your time.

Mobile Locksmith Phoenix AZ

Mobile Locksmith Phoenix AZ

Mobile Locksmith Services

Mobile locksmiths have important roles to play in our lives, and their specialized services should never be taken for granted. Locksmiths specialize and are proficient in various lock services including replacement keys, dismantling locks, and many others. Most locksmiths’ service tends to either commercial or residential customers, while some can take care of both. Whatever the type of locksmith service you need, it’s important that you make your choice carefully. You have to ensure your choice of mobile locksmith Phoenix AZ meets certain standards to save yourself the trouble of dealing with poor service.

A commercial locksmith generally specializes in government and corporate customers who are in need of high-end or sophisticated lock facilities and equipment, while a residential locksmith handles duplicating of keys and changing of locks for homes or vehicles.

Most mobile locksmith Phoenix AZ has the ability to solve almost any issue that pertains to locks. Some may make recommendations on the best way to update your present lock security system. Locksmiths are proficient and trained in managing and designing key control systems, so their ideas are worth considering because they can be equipped with the most recent high-end technology locksmith gear that’ll undoubtedly help your vehicle or home.

Mobile Locksmith Phoenix – What you need to check 

Before hiring a mobile locksmith Phoenix AZ, make sure they are able to provide quality service to you. It’d be recommended to hire a firm that employs licensed locksmiths. There are some folks that claim to be a seasoned and professional locksmith, but in truth, they’re not. You just have to do your due diligence on any locksmith you intend hiring to make sure they are truly licensed, professional locksmiths. All the tools and equipment they are going to need to solve your lock problem are inside their vehicle and this is exactly why they are termed ‘mobile locksmiths’. Mobile locksmiths can perform on-site key replacement and duplication if the need arises.

Emergency Locksmith Phoenix

Locked out? Need your home locks changed or rekeyed? Lost your keys?

Phoenix Locksmith 24 offers a full range of mobile locksmith service in the entire Phoenix AZ metro area. We serve residents, business owners, and car owners with quick and professional locksmith services. 

Our Mobile Locksmith Phoenix AZ Services Include:

  • Lockout Service – Car, Home, Commercial
  • Locks Change Service
  • Mailbox Lock – Replace and Repair
  • Locks Rekeyed – Any Type of Lock
  • Car Key Replacement
  • Ignitions Replace and Repair
  • High-Security Locks
  • And More!

In addition to the basic locksmith service, our mobile locksmith Phoenix team also offer high-security solutions to customers that need to increase their property security. Feel free to give us a call with any questions or requests. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Give us a quick call for an immediate mobile locksmith Phoenix AZ service at: (602) 734-5232.

Commercial Locksmith

Commercial Locksmith Phoenix AZ

Commercial Locksmith Service

The locks and security needs of a commercial business are as individual as each business owner. In addition to trying to build a successful and profitable company, the business owner has the safety of the entire workplace to think about. Just like business owners have concerns that are separate from his or her residential needs, a commercial locksmith focuses on services specifically for the business and commercial establishments that are more specific than a residential locksmith.

A commercial locksmith specializes in locks that are intended to be used for business purposes. These specialty locksmiths know how to install panic bars, replace locks of all kinds, such as filing cabinets and anything that needs to be secured. They also know how to install automatic door closer, safes, vaults, and master key locking systems.

Panic bars are a very important piece to a secure work environment. They allow workers a way to exit the workplace in case of an emergency. Keeping money, papers, and important documents under lock and key is also an important part of a thriving business. Many businesses also choose to use a master key system to monitor who has access to certain areas.

Additionally, a commercial locksmith needs to be skilled in keyless entry systems, emergency repairs of a variety of locks, know how to cut keys, understand how the master key locking systems work, be able to re-key locks as well as handle a brand new lock installations and be able to recommend the best security system for each individual commercial business customer. They also need to stay up-to-date on current electronic keyless systems, magnetic locking systems, high-security locks, and be able to show up at a moment’s notice in case of an emergency lockout.

Commercial Locksmith Phoenix AZ

Commercial Locksmith Service

Hire the best commercial locksmith in your area who has the ability to provide you with the best quality service. Find a locksmith that is nearby. First, verify the license of the company to find out if the locksmith is skilled. Ask for an estimate of charges beforehand to find out if there are any hidden costs. After the service has been rendered, make sure that the locksmith gives you a receipt that includes the name of the locksmith company, address, and phone number as well as the amount charged. Ask if the locksmith is sufficiently equipped with all of the necessary tools to complete the job.

Find a Commercial Locksmith to service your specific business owner’s needs.

Feel free to give our commercial locksmiths in Phoenix a quick call with any question about your needs at (602) 734-5232

Car Trunk Lockout

Trunk Lockout

Trunk Lockout

Trunk Lockout it’s probably not something you think about every day, but when it happens to you – It’s a dire emergency. We’re talking about trunk locks, more specifically, locking your keys inside your trunk or somehow losing your keys that open the trunk to your vehicle.

There are many scenarios that play out that could put you in this situation, but the most common is when you set them down when loading or unloading bags of groceries, for instance, from the trunk. Sometimes, you’ve thought about setting them down and realize that would be a mistake, but they fall out of your shirt pocket or somehow make their way inside the trunk with you unaware until you close and latch it. The trunk lockouts are different than other car lockout situations because these specific locks are designed to prevent break-ins to your vehicle’s storage area. Getting back into your trunk will be tricky.

Trunk Opening

Trunk Lockout – If this happens to you, these are the steps to take:

Get your spare key

Of course, this sounds like the most logical of solutions and if you have a spare key that is readily available, it’s probably the first thing you thought of. Still, it remains one of the fastest and easiest methods of gaining access to your trunk. If you don’t have a spare key, you will need to order one. This is a lengthy process that starts with providing your VIN as proof of ownership.

Over-ride the Trunk Release

To complicate the situation, every vehicle is designed differently as to where the trunk release is located and how it works. It’s also going to require access to a battery, the fuse box, and knowing how to create a short that will pop open the trunk. The release levers for the back seats are now located inside many trunks. The trunk release is protected by the battery.

Call a locksmith who specializes in auto and trunk lockout

Any locksmith may be able to help, but one who specializes in auto locksmith needs will know exactly what to do immediately and without causing more damage to your vehicle.

Once you’ve got your trunk open – Take steps to make sure it never happens again.

  • Always make sure your keys are in your pocket or another safe place before you even open the trunk.
  • It’s far too easy to set them down when loading or unloading items from the trunk.
  • Some choose to keep an extra key inside a magnetic box that adheres to an under part of the vehicle.
  • It’s a good idea to keep a spare key inside the car securely out of view.


When you’ve locked your keys inside your trunk, auto locksmiths specialize in helping to get your trunk opened and your day back on track.

Call Phoenix Locksmith 24 for FAST trunk lockout service!

Top Reasons for Home or Business Locks Change

Locks Change

Top reasons to change your home or business locks 

Changing the locks for your business or home should be as important as any other maintenance job you carry out for home or business. The importance of quality locks in safeguarding our valuables and lives doesn’t need to be overemphasized. If you run a business, you definitely know you should have good locks to keep your files and other business information safe.

Outlined below are top reasons for home or business locks change.

  1. Losing your keys: If you happen to lose your home keys, the first thing you need to do is have the locks changed. Regardless of whether you later found the keys or not, you need to change your locks because you don’t know who had access to the keys while you were looking for them and whether they keys were copied. So, you need to change the locks to be on the safe side.
  2. Moving into a new home or new office building: You will want to get a new set of keys when you move into a new home or office. This is important because you don’t know how many of the keys the previous occupants gave out. You need to change all the locks to the new home or office, as it’s better to be safe than sorry.
  3. When you ask neighbours to check on the house: If you asked your neighbours to check up on your house occasionally when you’re away, then you will need to change the locks when you come back. Even though you might trust the person you gave your keys to, you don’t if someone else with ill-intent had access to the keys.
  4. When you don’t get your keys back from the service people: If you needed some repairs done in your home and had to give out your spare keys to the service people, you will need to change the locks afterwards because you can never be too sure who had access to the keys.
  5. When you don’t get your keys back from discharged employees: Just like the above, if you don’t get your facility keys back from discharged employees, then you might want to change the locks where those employees previously had access to.
  6. Old and difficult locks: It’s time to replace your locks if they are old and are becoming quite difficult to function properly. You don’t want to run the risk of being locked out when get home very late one day, so change the locks.
  7. Break-in or Attempted break-in: When you have had a break-in or a break-in attempt, then you will want to change all the locks in your home or facility to improve the building’s overall security.

Locksmith Phoenix AZ

Change Your Locks To Increase Your Security!

These are just some of the top reasons for business or home locks change. However, it’s still a good idea to consider changing your locks every few years. If not for any other reason, then for the fact that technology changes with time and the high secured lock you know today might not be as secure in the coming years.

Phoenix Locksmith 24 offer full range of locksmith service for residential and commercial customers in Phoenix AZ, our Phoenix locksmith services available 24/7. Feel free to give us a call with any question or request.