When Should You Rekey Your Locks


When to rekey your locks

Unlike replacing, rekeying your locks is inexpensive and brings very little trouble to house owners. However, rekey locks it’s still an effective way to keep your belongings and your family away from harm.

Check if you need to rekey your locks as we break down the reasons why you should rekey your locks:

1. If your lock has been damaged.

Locks can be damaged when someone forces entry or when any mishap causes locks to be separated from the door frame. And if they have been damaged, you should definitely rekey your locks. Not only does it compromise your security, but you may also end up locked outside your house!

2. If you suspect any break-in.

If you suspect any break in, it’s time to rekey your locks. Once you realize your home has
caught a burglar’s attention, you should take every precaution to increase its security and
prevent any damage caused to your lock during the attempted break in.

3. If you’ve been burgled.

If the break-in was successful and someone actually managed to enter your house, you should change the keys immediately. In such cases, no efforts should be spared to make the family home safer and unbreakable. To bring you peace of mind after the incident, we offer an emergency locksmith service 24 hours a day in Phoenix.

4. If you want a higher level of security.

Rekeying your locks should be your first step if you want to improve its security without going to the hassle of installing a new one. After making your rekeys, decide who should have them and be careful as to whom should have access to them.

5. If too many people have your lock keys.

Contractors? A repair worker? A real estate agent? Your former housemaid? Your baby’s babysitter? Your former brother in law? Can you count to how many people did you give your lock keys over the years? If they’re already too many to count or if you’re no longer sure they’re trustworthy, rekey your locks.

6. If you just moved in.

If you have just moved in, you have no idea who might have your home’s lock keys. Who were the previous owners or tenants? Who did they give their keys to? It’s impossible to know. And in this case, don’t risk it: rekey your locks. Unfortunately, too many new and proud house owners have lost valuable items for not taking this step.

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